Brooke Weber

Brooke Weber



Bachelors in Exercise Science from The University of Kansas

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

About Coach

My path changed at the end of my undergrad in 2018 when I decided not to pursue dental school. I then moved to Denver, CO with a lot up in the air. I started working for a Property Development and Contracting company where my primary roles included; handling all accounting, contracts, budget, interior, and exterior finishes selections, marketing, and social media. This position allowed me to gain confidence as a leader, step out of my comfort zone, and display my organizational skills. However, I felt like something was lacking in this position- my need to help others. This is why I decided to return to school to pursue my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Turning Point

Throughout my life, my constant internal enemy has been self-doubt and overthinking. This enemy occurs at many points in my life- throughout an interview, during a practical exam, or even at the gym. Although self-doubt and overthinking continue to show up in my life, it is less and less every year. Gaining confidence by getting out of my comfort zone and caring less about others' opinions has helped me.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about serving those new to fitness, those returning to fitness, or those wanting to focus on strength training. I am motivated to help people find out what they enjoy. It is easier to develop a healthy lifestyle that lasts if you enjoy what you are doing!

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