We believe using the CrossFit methodology of Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, performed at a High Intensity is the perfect combination to achieve your fitness goals. Add in world class coaching from our certified trainers and you have a recipe for achieving your goals.



Fountain City Fitness has been changing lives since we were established in 2012. Built on a great community of supportive individuals, we know working out alone isn't nearly as successful as having your gym buddy push you to higher levels of fitness and accountability. Starting in a basement and now moving to a great location right off the Trolley Trail, we haven't lost sight of what got us here: Coaching and relationships. At FCF, you will always be the focus.



What We Stand For

Unconditional love, hard work, discipline, belief in oneself and others, open-mindedness self-care, consistency, and honesty.

At Fountain City Fitness, we believe that just about anything is possible with intentional effort, consistent dedication, and affirming relationships.



7525 Wornall Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64114

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