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April Newsletter v1

Hey Team,

I put my phone down on Saturday afternoon and didn't pick it back up until this morning. It was a much needed reprieve. I appreciate your flexibility in letting me get the Newsletter out a day late. One of the great things about being the guy in charge of gym birthdays is I get to decide to not tell anyone that it was mine recently. I had someone ask me on that day what I was going to do special for my birthday and I paused, and realized I was doing exactly the special things I wanted to do on any given day. I woke up, had coffee, taught students about a subject I enjoy all day, coached student-athletes in a sport I love where the head coach is one of my best friends, and then I zipped over to the gym and coached a class of members that feel like family. None of those things are obligations to me, and I want to say thank you, not for making my birthday special, but for making everyday feel like a birthday... but I am 100% skipping the burpees.

Transitions: They're coming. And in all reality, we don't know what they are. There are still so many stones unturned. People are getting vaccinated, cities/states are getting rid of or altering restrictions. Although COVID is very much not gone, the world is in a state of transition. This is not so much a commentary on what that looks like for us, although I'm aware we'll need to address those things at some point, but an open invitation to lean into the feelings that come along with transitions. This weekend my wife and I attended church in person for the first time in over a year. We're both vaccinated and I know our head pastor has been diligent in his decisions about how and when to open the space. What I thought would be refreshing to go back to a sense of normalcy, I was caught off guard by how "normal" life has gotten in our current state and now I felt out of place in an old world. Luckily, we train every day to be in a state of discomfort and still persevere. As we move ahead, we may all encounter unknown feelings and that's a great thing, transition brings growth!

FCF Open Final: We finished up with our awards Banquet this last Saturday. Thank you for all who came. I know what you are all waiting for, and that's who won the egg race... It was Josh Johns. In retrospect, we should forced him to carry his baby in one arm and the egg and spoon in the other to make it more fair.

Our Overall Individual Leaderboard:

Individual Leaderboard Overall.pdf

Congrats to Kevin Chael and Lucy Penrose for Top Overall Male and Female at the gym. Lucy actually took top 12% Worldwide for girls 14-15 to just miss the cut for Quarter Finals.

I would also like to congratulate our programmer, Jeff Milton, for making the Quarter Finals and placing in the top 9% in North American men.

FCF Open Team Winners: Nando's Commandos.

It wasn't... close. Congrats Commandos. For those of you at the Banquet, we have a really cool banner for all the members of the winning team to sign and we'll hang it up at the gym. Really just waiting on the Garcia's, the fearless Nando himself, to return from vacation.

Specialty Offerings:

1) Every 2nd Saturday is FCF community class. FREE Saturday morning workouts for as many people as you can get to come. Bring friends, family, and co-workers to come see that thing you won't stop talking about. There is no limit, so if they came last time, bring them again! We do ask that all new people coming to our Community Class pre-register and we'll be happy to open a 3rd class on Saturday to accommodate numbers if needed. Sign up here:

2) We hope you enjoyed Yoga with Kelly in March. Starting in April, this class will be a $30 monthly membership add-on or a $15 drop-in fee. We know 7:30am on Friday doesn't work for everyone, so look for a weekday night class to be added shortly.

3) Kelly will be offering a FREE clinic called "Meal Planning and Prep Made Simple" on Monday April 19 at 6:30pm for 45 min. This will be a segway into our first ever Nutrition Challenge. Many more details on that to come, but mark your calendars for that Monday night to stop in and learn! Sign ups will be done at the gym on the sign-up white board in back, and walk ins welcome.

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