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April Newsletter v2

Hey Team,

I'm wearing a tank top today!!! If that's not a sure sign of transitioning into a new season, I don't know what is. This tank top is a physical representation of the changing of season's when a very real, much more significant change is also occurring in our lives. Most of you may not really know me as an athlete in the gym outside of COVID, but I assure you I am READY to high-five. It's my go to action. This is also a great time to look into where we're at as athletes and as people and set some goals for the new season. Did the Open show you a weakness you'd like to work on? Has quarantine shown you that your cooking skills could use more diversity? Look for a new GOALS wall at the gym. Putting goals into words gives them power, sharing those goals out loud gives you accountability! We're here to help!

My goals for the new season:

-Stop eating QT donuts for breakfast.

-Workout with a class 3 times a week.

-Date night with the wife every 2 weeks.

Cleaning: The CDC came out with new cleaning/disinfecting guidelines this week. In summary, the risk for contracting COVID through touch surfaces is incredibly low and standard cleaning will suffice in protecting the spread. When someone who has COVID does touch a surface, they recommend a higher powered cleaner. In response, we have removed all bleach cleaners from the gym and will not have standard cleaning days. Instead we have 4 bottles of standard disinfectant to share in class for things that get sweaty and gross. Think wall balls, ab-mats, burpee floor spots, rigs, and rings. Ask yourself, "Did I sweat all over that item?". We will clean these every time we use them, but we will not need to clean plates and such any longer on a set schedule. We also have all brand new towels so no more bleach in the gym. In the case of a member coming down with COVID, we will do a full bleach clean of equipment again according to CDC guidelines. We continue to have cleaners do a thorough cleaning of the gym each weekend. This also serves as a gentle reminder that the best way to stop the spread of germs is washing your hands right when you get to the gym. We are still wearing masks in class as that is a Kansas City Mandate.

The Open is over!...: As I judged our programmer Jeff through his Quarter Final workouts last Friday, I realized what a detriment it would be to our members to not allow them the same experience. This week we will be doing the metcon's from the Quarter Finals over the weekend. I have left most of them as written knowing that we will ALL need to scale down to our ability level. I think this can serve as a healthy respect for how incredible some of these athletes are. My goal for the gym is that we all scale to a point where no one gets time capped. Good luck and Enjoy!

Saturday is for the "Girls": For Keara's birthday present, the next few months of Saturday workouts will be Girl-named benchmark WOD's. This is Tim's brain child, so take it up with him, but look for some "fun" workouts and the chance to test and re-test benchmark WOD's we haven't seen for a while. If you don't know what Girl WOD's are, don't look it up, we'll see you on Saturday!

Specialty Offerings:

1) Meal Planning and Meal Prep Made Simple Seminar on Mon April 19 6:30pm (45 min). This will be hosted at the gym by Coach Kelly and is free of charge to members and non-members alike. Sign up on the white board in the back of the gym, or simply show up! This is a stand alone event, but will kick-off our first ever Nutrition Challenge in May **Details to come**

See FB/Instagram posts for continued information.

2) Yoga with Kelly on Friday mornings at 7:30, come WOD and stretch! This class is a $30 monthly membership add-on or a $15 drop-in fee, members and non-members welcome.

Mark your Calendar: We will be doing our Murph workout on Memorial Dar, Monday, May 31st. Details to come.

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