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April Newsletter v3

Hey Team,

Last week we talked about goals, and one of my goals should have been to actually get the goals board up... which I finally did!!! So when you get to the gym this week, your coach is going to encourage you to come up with a goal for the Spring and write it on our new goals white board on the wall. The right board will be for goals, the left board will be for recording benchmarks, which Tim is conveniently providing the girl WOD's for us on Saturdays. So why are goals important? So often in life, and especially in the gym, it's easy to go through the motions and not realize how productive we're really being. As great as long term goals are, if we want to deadlift as much as Jamie, first we need to deadlift just 10 more pounds than we can deadlift now and I'm here to emphasize that those first 10 pounds ARE WORTH CELEBRATING. Setting small achievable milestones will help you stay committed and constantly moving towards that long-term goal. Milestones are also great for allowing setbacks to not feel so daunting. I look forward to seeing what y'all are looking forward to achieving this Spring! (Small reminder that the "end" of Spring will be marked by Murph, which is ripe for goal setting *wink wink*)

For those of you checking in on MY goals from last week, I failed to not eat a QT donut for breakfast as Thursday got the best of me, however my wife and I got TWO date nights this week! Spoiled rotten I am.

Meal Planning and Meal Prep Made Simple Seminar: Kelly is hosting this free event tomorrow, Monday April 19 @ 6:30pm (45 min). You’ll leave with practical ways to approach your meal planning and prep and menu inspiration. This is for anyone and everyone, so bring your friends and have them bring their friends. We'd love it if you'd pre-sign up at the link here. However we'll have an open door for anyone who can come, even last minute. This is a stand alone event, but will kick-off our first ever Nutrition Challenge in May **Details to be revealed at the seminar**

A Note from our programmer, Jeff: Hey FCF! Great work on the Open season! As we embrace spring and approach summer, we are focusing on developing or reinforcing a good fundamental base, and of course, Murph prep! This upcoming cycle will focus on our primary lifts of the back squat, deadlift and strict press, as well as weekly conditioning (with the inclusion of running once more! yay!) and gymnastic stamina, specifically in our pull-ups and push ups. Of course, we'll keep things varied constantly and hit the other movements, lifts, accessories and exercises as well! Keep the momentum going!

Saturday is for the "Girls": This last Saturday we got to meet "Jackie" and what a gal! There's a poster up at the gym explaining what the girl WOD's are and why they exist. Take a peak and then quake in anticipation to see what lady friend Tim introduces us to next. We filled up both Saturday classes this week and if that trend continues, we'd be more than happy to add a 10:30 Saturday class. I ask that you RSVP by Friday night to help paint a picture for us of attendance needs.

Trolley Run: Our Trolley Run Training Group has been diligently working these last 3 weeks and are well on their way to CRUSHING their goals for the Trolley Run next Sunday morning, April 25th. We have runners starting anywhere from 7:20 am to 9:30 am. Since the Trolley Run starts in our very own parking lot, we'll have a table set-up to welcome all the runners as well as cheer on our team. We'd love to see you come out and show them your support before they start their 4 mile trek to the plaza!

As always, I have a (virtually for now) open door. Feel free to to reply to this e-mail, or find a time for me to buy you a cup of coffee. I look forward to every interaction, no matter how sweaty.

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