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April Newsletter v4

Hey Crew,

This morning I was blessed with the chance to witness what happens when weeks worth of preparation and hard work are put to the test. Our Trolley Run Training Group has met twice a week over the last month and even included a day of "homework" on their own. What started with "I hate running" and "running makes my knees hurt", quickly turned to support systems and "what pace are you running, do you want to warm up together?". We started our group with plenty of form drills and each person telling me their individual goals and this morning, most of those goals were smashed. Many goals started as "I just want to finish" and we saw everything from the first continuous mile ran, to time goals absolutely destroyed. If you see any of these new stud runners, make sure to ask them on Monday how their race went, because the answer is going to be good. I even heard rumors of a Tuesday night run club continuing on...

Nutrition Kickoff Challenge: Kelly has put in tons of work to bring you all an opportunity that I think is one of the most overlooked parts of our health, our nutrition. Even in our Athletic Development Pyramid, nutrition is the base. If your numbers have stalled in the gym, if your sleep patterns are varied, or just generally feeling sluggish, nutrition could be the key to many of these things and so much more. "You can't outwork a poor diet". The nutrition challenge is set up to be individualized with a one-on-one kickoff meeting with Kelly in person to go over your specific goals and needs as well as get some baseline numbers on our new Inbody system, measuring things like muscle mass and body fat percentage. You will then get the group benefits with weekly challenges and communication boards all within a specialized nutrition app. It comes with optional meals and grocery lists to make your life easy. This challenge is for broad strokes learning, so if you're not ready to count calories or dive into macronutrients, this is for you! All of your coaches are well-versed in what this challenge is offering so send questions our way, or when you're ready to sign up you can register here:

For members, you can also just write your name on the whiteboard in the back and we'll add it to your next months invoice. This challenge is also for non-members, so invite your friends, family, and co-workers to start the Summer off feeling your best!

Full Classes: Talk about an owners favorite phrase. We are opening up the 9th box in the back to accommodate the growing class sizes. This is a reminder to RSVP for classes up to a week ahead of time, but out of respect for the person who is being waitlisted, we're asking for you to make sure you show up, or cancel your registration at least an hour ahead of time. At this point, we don't have a no-show policy and look forward to not needing to create one.

Covid Transitions: As of this week, we are status quo as the mask mandate for Kansas City, MO remains in place. However, as many of our members are getting vaccinated, we're looking at what makes the most sense for our community in order to thrive in numbers while also keeping every single persons safety as our highest priority. We will be sending out a Covid questionnaire next week to gauge our membership vaccination numbers and comfort levels in possible set-ups moving forward. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone's commitment to one another's health.

Specialty Offerings:

1) Yoga with Kelly on Friday mornings at 7:30, come WOD and stretch! This class is a $30 monthly membership add-on or a $15 drop-in fee, members and non-members welcome.

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