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FCF Intramural Open '21

It's Open Season!!!! As my CrossFit journey has aged, I've come to love the Open more and more as time goes by. I started as a 25 year old who was obsessed with performance and scoring and finding the one extra second or the one extra rep so I could finish in the top 50,000 in the world instead of the top 60,000. (Actually, just looked it up, in 2015 I took 22,868th in the US. That's...not great.) And that part of my athletic journey absolutely has it's place and allowed me to learn and grow as needed, but I can tell you that the Open becomes WAY more fun when I become obsessed with finding out how to top Sarah Harr's costume each week, or coming up with the right play list to help motivate a room of my best friend's try and be their best self in that moment. So without further ado, I present to you the welcome packet for the FCF Intramural Open 2021:

FCF Open '21
Download PDF • 1.07MB

Key points:

-3 teams with members as captains

-Tune in for draft night March 2 on FB Live at 6:45

-3 Weeks of Friday Night Lights and a scoring systems for competing teams

-Super Secret FCF only Event 4 and banquet

-Sign up at the gym or in the TRIIB kiosk in the welcome packet.

-If you register through the kiosk, you're PIN can be set in the TRIIB app under Settings and Kiosk PIN.

-Pre-Order your '21 FCF Open Shirts by Saturday, February 27th at noon. Also done at the gym or in the kiosk.

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