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February Newsletter v4

Hey Team,

As a true Midwesterner, I really appreciated the opportunity to have school cancelled due to cold one Tuesday and then a week later to run an impromptu 400m run in the warm-up to everyone's delight. It looks like we're heading into some nice weather this coming week as well, so this seems like the perfect time to shamelessly plug an upcoming Trolley Run Training Group before we all come down off the high of Vitamin D to realize: OMG Why am I intentionally running?! (Because it's awesome, and talk about Functional!)

FCF Intramural Open: We have an amazing number of sign-ups for the inaugural FCF Intramural Open at over 20 members! Don't be left out of the fun and be sure to ask in class any last minute questions you may have. The sign up sheet at the gym is still on the desk or the kiosk shop is still open. Reminder that MOST of the information can be found here:

FCF Open '21.pdf

I did want to clarify a few things:

-We WILL be keeping an athlete leaderboard so you can see where you place amongst your peers (I'm coming for you Emme!!!).

-We WON'T be giving any points for performance. COVID has played a role in all our fitness, the pressure here should be on competing to be the best you that you can be and helping out our community, both in our gym walls and out.

-The draft on Tuesday night will be held via FB Live on our group page at 6:45pm and will be held completely at random. No flashbacks to being the last kid against the wall being picked for dodgeball.

Be on the lookout for coaches to go over movement standards of all programmed movements over the coming weeks to help prepare you for the Open workouts. While we won't no-rep you in class, we will let you know when you haven't hit a movement standard so that you can mentally prepare for what needs done for a counted rep in an Open workout. "But coach, I'm just here for fun, why do I care about standards?" Standards are there for a reason, and they are actually for your benefit. We ask you to squat below parallel because it has the biggest impact for your long-term health to do so. We ask that you lock out at the top of a lift because training full range of motion will, you guessed it, have the biggest impact for your long-term health to do so. Standards are not the thing we're fighting against, they're an aid to our fitness and longevity.

Specialty Offerings: Everything is coming up Kelly!

1) Week 4 of our Open Prep Series is here! Coming up this Saturday March 6th from 10:45-11:30 is "Fueling, Recovery, and Mindset with Kelly". How you eat, rest, and think matter. Kelly will be sharing practical tips in each of these areas to ensure you perform your best in the 2021 CrossFit Open. You can sign up here or look for the new sign up board at the gym starting on Tuesday.

2) In order to help you perform your best on Friday nights during the Open, Kelly will be teaching a yoga/movement class on Friday mornings at 7:30 am right after the 6:30 am WOD. For this month only, this class will be fully included in your standard membership and we hope you get to fully understand the benefits of what yoga can offer. We also welcome any outside friends to join these Friday sessions for a drop-in fee. This is already on the schedule starting this week and you absolutely can do a WOD and a yoga session in the same day.

Schedule Updates:

-We are removing the 5:30am class from everyday except Monday.

-Friday Night Lights will replace our standard Friday night classes starting on the 12th.

-This Friday we will just have 1 class at night at 5:00 pm.

All of these updates are current on TRIIB as of right now.

As always, I have a (virtually for now) open door. Feel free to to reply to this e-mail, or find a time for me to buy you a cup of coffee. I look forward to every interaction, no matter how sweaty.

In Health,

Travis Vanderberg

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