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March Newsletter v1

Hey Team,

One of my favorite things about our community is all the different hats we wear. We typically know each other as the athletes we see inside the gym, but I also feel like I get a sense of who you are OUTSIDE the gym, whether that's through Questions of the Day, or Bright Spots (congrats Doctor Sherman), or you all just feeling comfortable enough to bring your lives in to our space. This morning after a very hectic, but enjoyable week, my wife and I were enjoying a week old sermon from Pastor Tim. As I continued to click away on my laptop, my 20% attention to the TV caught a single phrase: "slow down". I thought to myself, 1) How did he know? and 2) Who has time for that? Well, this is my invitation to you all this week to take a breath, enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather, and find time to come in for one of Coach Tim's classes, or whatever hat he happens to be wearing at the time.

FCF Intramural Open: Welcome to the main event! The FCF Intramural Open officially begins tonight at midnight. Week 1 will run Monday-Sunday so make sure to check with your captains and start racking up those points. If you're looking for how to get community points just look at Holland's FB page, he's been doing trial runs all weekend.

The official Week 1 Theme is... Team Choice! We have all been blown away by the excitement and energy of the members, so why hold you back now. For the first 3 weeks, the weekly theme will be whatever your team decides. So bring on the creativity and originality and if you've got the winning idea, make sure it doesn't get leaked before Friday Night! My friend Tim thought of a couple starting point suggestions such as Summer Olympics or something Coronavirus related. Will we see the return of Stuart's Bieber outfit... only time will tell.

After the workout is released on Thursday at 7, I'll create a heat sign-up sheet at the gym based on the workout's time length. Friday's WOD will also be the Open workout so come in any time, but remember that attendance points are only given for showing up to Friday Night Lights unless extenuating circumstances have been discussed with me.

Specialty Offerings:

In order to help you perform your best on Friday nights during the Open, Kelly will be teaching a yoga/movement class on Friday mornings at 7:30 am right after the 6:30 am WOD. For this month only, this class will be fully included in your standard membership and we hope you get to fully understand the benefits of what yoga can offer. We also welcome any outside friends to join these Friday sessions for a drop-in fee. This is already on the schedule starting this week and you absolutely can do a WOD and a yoga session in the same day.

Schedule Updates:

-We are removing the 5:30am class from everyday except Monday.

-Friday Night Lights will replace our standard Friday night classes starting this week.

-Kelly's yoga class is Friday morning at 7:30

As always, I have a (virtually for now) open door. Feel free to to reply to this e-mail, or find a time for me to buy you a cup of coffee. I look forward to every interaction, no matter how sweaty.

In Health,

Travis Vanderberg

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