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March Newsletter v2

Hey Team,

I'm going to try to keep this short, but the vast amount of feelings I have towards this community and our past week may get in my way. I'll start with a fun anecdote: we've all gotten so used to seeing each other only with masks on, it was nice to see actual faces on Friday night. I realized during heat 1 when I was judging Julia... that I had literally never seen her without a mask on as she joined in October. I mean this in the greatest way possible, but she looked so different than I had pictured in my head. Our brain has been having to create 2/3 of peoples faces for us and my brain failed. Also Keara looked different than I remember, and I've known her for like, a while. Color me perplexed! Side shout out to Julia for judging me in 21.1 during Open Gym today. She was insanely optimistic and helpful the entire time, 10/10 would recommend to be judged by her.

FCF Intramural Open: I think it's a cop out to call the first Friday Night Lights merely a success. While not downplaying all the amazing performances by all of our athletes, I think the greatest successes came from having friends and family share in our space. We finally got to meet Holland's girlfriend, KB's entire family came and played bey blades with my son for at least an hour, plus the entire peanut gallery that came to cheer on Keara while also having the foresight to bring their own cooler. Genius. We got to see Bri do the Saturday WOD, THEN do the Open workout right after. And very sneakily, I eaves dropped on Tim encouraging Mimi that she could do the Scaled WOD and then judged/coached/husbanded her through FORTY wall walks. Incredible.

I would also like to say thank you for making my job easier. It was great to allow the safe removal of masks during the actual competition, but more importantly, every time I looked across the rest of the gym, 100% of people were wearing their masks. I'm happy to say this worked out beautifully and we can continue to operate like this for future Friday Night Lights only.

Special Main Event for 21.2 FNL: For week 2, we're going to have a specialty Main Event at 6:00 PM. We hope we can pack the house with loud cheer sections and huge support for... *drumroll* FCF KIDS!!! Parents, please bring your kids of any age (not Lucy) and we will modify whatever 21.2 turns out to be and let the little ones re-enact what all their superheroes do every day. Let me know if your kids would like to be apart of our main event on Friday. This is for ALL FCF members, and can includes nieces, nephews, any children that are part of your world. I can't wait!

Lastly, if you are part of the actual CrossFit Open, please get those scores submitted and I will validate them ASAP.

Look for the FCF Open Leaderboard to be posted on Tuesday.

Specialty Offerings: DYK: As much as I love CrossFit, my background is in running. I specialized in the 400m dash through college and have ran every distance from 100m to a 50k. I'll be offering a training group coming up for the Trolley Run, one of KC's most iconic local races that just so happens to have a starting line in our parking lot! It's a 4 mile race that goes downhill all the way to the plaza and ends there. I've ran it many times and it's one of Brookside's treasures. The training group will consist of 4 weeks of a customizable running plan made for any athlete's goal, free entry into the race itself, and twice a week group meet-ups to run and be coached. For more info, check out

Community Class: Our 2nd community class was a HUGE success. We had extra 5 people join us on Saturday. A huge thank you for those of you who attended and opened up our space to new people, as well as those of you who brought your friends into our world. One person who had never stepped foot in our facility has this to say "If I had a bit more time on my hands (and not a college student budget) I would get a membership right away. You did an awesome job of customizing the workout for the newbies and I felt very welcome in the environment."

I'll cut it off there for this week with a subtle reminder:

Kelly's yoga class is Friday morning at 7:30

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