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March Newsletter v3

Hey Team,

We had a few members come by Open Gym today to re-do 21.2, many were needing to fill that itch of humanity to see if what they accomplished on Friday Night was really the extent of their limits. I am pleased to say that every single re-do attempts outcome was a better score with Ben Palmer and Julia Boepple deciding they were capable of Rx'ing the workout after doing Scaled on Friday. What you all accomplish day in and day out is overly inspiring. I want to first welcome back Ryan Bellinger from completing his 6 week rotation in Overland, KS and then share his reaction to watching us on Friday night, "Everyone was crushing it, did the entire gym get insanely more fit in the 6 weeks I was gone?" While it's easy to not see our daily changes, look back to where you were 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago, a year ago... I assure you your accomplishments in that time are nothing short of incredible. It's an easy argument that the "least" fit person at our gym is substantially more fit than the average human out there. As Stu proclaims, we row as rest!!!

FCF Intramural Open: With week 2 almost in the books, I feel confident in letting you all know that Dante single-handedly won his team the extra +5 spirit points for his outfit alone. Now please burn it.

I especially enjoyed seeing extra spectators this week, please continue to have your friends and family come share in our events! I want to acknowledge this weeks kids who competed: Jonah, Nor Amina, and Charlotte! They did a wonderful job and didn't spend the next 45 minutes hanging on to a trash can, so they fared substantially better than me!

The not fun dog policy: I LOVE dogs. I love what they provide to a family. However, I am going to ask that we leave dogs at home. We always want to provide the safest, most welcoming environment possible. We have the privilege of seeing multiple little ones run around, and tossing around big weights from up above. We want to make sure we're not chancing anyone getting caught in an unfortunate situation, including the pups! Please be on the look out for Bar K meet-ups this Summer so we can all get introduced to your fur babies.

Mark your Calendar: 21.4 will be an FCF Special and held on Saturday, April 3rd @ 11 AM. More details to come, but their will be a final workout and recognition of our accomplishments over the previous 4 weeks.

Lastly, if you are part of the actual CrossFit Open, please get those scores submitted and I will validate them ASAP.

Look for the FCF Open Leaderboard to be posted on Tuesday.

Specialty Offerings: Not a runner? FCF's Trolley Run Training Group is MADE for the anti-runner and the runner alike. We have separate customizable training plans for wherever your current running journey is at. I will also be walking everyone through correct running technique and cues for your body while moving. If you do CF, you can run 4 miles downhill. In fact, Tim Keel just completed a 14K Trail Run (approx. 8.75 miles) on basically no training outside of just coming to CF! The training group will consist of 4 weeks of a customizable running plan made for any athlete's goal, free entry into the race itself, and twice a week group meet-ups to run and be coached. For more info, check out

Schedule Update: All lunchtime classes will go back to noon. Aka Wednesday's will no longer be at 11, they will be at noon. Thank you Kelly!

I'll cut it off there for this week with a subtle reminder:

Kelly's yoga class is Friday morning at 7:30!!! This is the last week of her free trial month, so get in to see the amazing value Yoga can do for your body.

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