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March Newsletter v4

Hey Team,

Well we did it. 3 Fridays, 4 workouts, multiple babies born, 0 vomit that I know of, and a countless number of PR's, air fives, re-do's, and friendships formed or strengthened. That was one heck of a Friday Night Series. I want to take a quick pause and thank the staff at FCF for all of the behind the scenes work, in front of the scenes work, and really just putting in so much time and effort into making all of the above happen. They are all now very good at counting.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed a staple at Friday Night Lights was missing this last week. I'd like to announce and congratulate Coach Michelle on the birth of her beautiful baby boy Adrion Russell. I'm not going to comment on whether or not the burpees in 21.2 did her in, but I think we can all sympathize with his desire to not be apart of any more burpees and busting out. Congrats again and I know we all can't wait to meet the newest FCF Member!

FCF Intramural Open Culmination: It's finally here! The FCF Open Final workout and awards banquet will be held:

When: THIS Saturday, April 3rd @ 11 AM.

Where: Sunnyside Park, off 84th and Summit St. 8255 Summit St, Kansas City, MO 64114

Who: Everyone! This event is meant to celebrate everyone involved, whether it be your partner showing up every week in a lawn chair, or the cutest 2 year old soldier I've ever seen. There is a wonderful playground there and we promise to have activities suitable for everyone.

11AM: We will "workout" from 11am to noon, however in the spirit of a beautiful Saturday celebration, think more Adult Field Day than CrossFit style workout. You will need workout clothes and athletic shoes, water bottle wouldn't be a bad idea either. The workouts will be a surprise revealed on Saturday, but we have some fun things in store.

NOON: At noon, we will eat and present some great achievement awards celebrating accomplishments throughout the Open. FCF will provide: burgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, bottled water, and LaCroix. We ask that each family bring a small something to share, whether it be a side, dessert, or something to drink with more flavor.

Covid pre-cautions: We ask that everyone bring their mask. We have done our best to program fun activities while being safe distances apart. No events will require physical contact between people, but we will be sharing equipment. In the spirit of the open air environment and social distancing, masks may be down/off while working out or eating, but asked to be worn outside of those times.

Specialty Offerings:

1) This week will officially begin our Trolley Run Training Group on Tuesday at 6:30pm. We have a great group currently signed up and would love to have you join us! Even if you have to miss a group run or two, you can still benefit. Let me know if I can answer any questions, otherwise for more info you can click here:

2) We hope you enjoyed Yoga with Kelly in March. Starting in April, this class will be a $30 monthly membership add-on or a $15 drop-in fee. We know 7:30am on Friday doesn't work for everyone, so look for a weekday night class to be added shortly.

Schedule Update:

-Friday night will go back to a single class at 5 pm.

-To accommodate for Saturday's Open Banquet and Workout, this week only we are getting rid of the 9:30am class so coaches can get set-up. We will still hold the 8:30 class as normal.

-All lunchtime classes will go back to noon. Aka Wednesday's will no longer be at 11, they will be at noon. Thank you Kelly!

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