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May Newsletter v1

Hey Crew,

I have two anecdotes to start with this week. The first was a reminder as I taught an Elements course on Saturday and discussed Functional Movements being a main tenant of CrossFit. I was overly pleased this morning to be sat in the front pew watching Tim's sermon and for a post-it note to fall on the ground... and watch him drop into a perfect squat in order to pick it up. We're talking heels planted, posterior chain in action, beautiful functional movement, all from something as common as a dropped piece of paper. Remember you all, we're not just out here chasing numbers or times, we're benefitting our lives in the subtlest of ways. Which leads me into the second story. I got to run into Keara and Dana at Sutherland's today with what looked like to be a full Sunday's worth of mulch and thought to myself, "I bet Keara's not sore at all tomorrow". So reminder, our bright spots don't have to come from the gym, because our gym and it's effects lives outside our walls. Every day is habit building, what will you do tomorrow?

Covid Transitions: Please check your email from Thursday or the fb members page for full details. In short, we are no longer requiring masks within our boxes. I would appreciate you still wearing them in, getting your temp taken, and washing your hands as we wait on everyone who chooses to reach their 2nd vaccine and the two weeks after. We are working towards better ventilation in our space as well, opening both doors and fans blowing gym air outside. I spent a few hours today cleaning our the ducts and the air intake in the corner as well as changing the air filters. In general, we'll strive to be a clean place for you to be your healthiest self.

If you're not a part of the fb members page, go here for access:

Saturday Community Class: We have been filling our Saturday classes and I hope you bring a friend/family member/co-worker with you on Saturday to pack them even more. I am pre-emptively adding a 3rd class at 10:30. This is your opportunity to share your gym community with your community outside the gym! Let me know what I can do to help make someone feel comfortable.

Sign up here:

Programming this week: As we run a longer "Back to Basics" cycle with Back Squats, Deadlifts, and Strict Press, this week will serve as a de-load and maintenance week. We've been pushing our bodies for 4 weeks and making great strides (Sarah H. with a Back Squat PR!!!), so in order to continue progress we need to let our bodies catch up. So I encourage you to follow percentages this week that may feel a touch easier, but dial in that form so we can continue break barriers in the coming weeks as well and avoid the plateau effect.

Specialty Offerings:

1) Yoga with Kelly on Friday mornings at 7:30, come WOD and stretch! This class is a $30 monthly membership add-on or a $15 drop-in fee, members and non-members welcome.

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