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May Newsletter v2

Hey Crew,

Maybe it's me being a teacher with 95% of my students being seniors, but I've really caught myself lately feeling like I'm coasting into Summer. I keep saying how excited I am for Summer when I'll be able to do XYZ, or focus more on this and that. And just like New Year's with resolutions, it's great to get excited about starting something. This mindset can be dangerous though. The "I'll start my new diet tomorrow", or "I'll work out 5 days NEXT week". Now maybe today, or this month, isn't the time we're able to physically and mentally commit to these things 100%, but I bet we can do 5%, or 10... or 50. So talking to myself as much as you all here: If the dream is 100 ounces of water, let's do 50 TODAY. If the dream is 5 days a week of workouts, let's do 2-3 THIS WEEK. We don't live in an all or nothing world, and how much easier will fully committing to something be when you've already laid a foundation. As we all know, going from 50 to 100 is substantially easier than from 0 to 100.

Friday Summer Blog Series:

FCF is putting together a Friday Blog every week starting 2 weeks ago with planned topics running until the end of Summer. These articles are posted in our social media and include a video from your CFO in the fb group as well. This information is intended to help you add tools to your toolbelt on everything regarding fitness so that your hour with us is spent in the best way possible. If there's any topics you'd like addressed or more information on, make sure to let me know! As the saying goes, if you're unsure about something, someone else is too. Find our blog posts here:

Specialty Offerings:

1) Greg Hollenbeck will be joining us on Saturday May 22nd for 20 minute Physical Therapy Consults from 8 am to 10 am. Greg is a licensed Physical Therapist who works out of Laughlin Performance & Physical Therapy in Overland Park. Do you have a knick or a kink that's not worth traveling to a PT for a full hour long session? Greg will be doing quick but thorough assessments AT OUR FACILITY to help get you moving better. Good examples would be slight knee pain when squatting, a pinch in your shoulder when overhead, or mobility issues in an Overhead Squat, no pain required. He's simply the best at getting people healthy and back to working out efficiently. You will need to book through TRIIB and the cost will be $30 for each 20 minute assessment.

You can book here:

(You will need to go to the correct date 5/22 to find his availability)

New Running Route:

You've all heard the saying "The best member is the one who doesn't get hit by a car". We have created a new running route that does NOT go through the parking lot, instead heads out the door and behind our building, through the trees, and onto a lightly used pedestrian street. We tested it on Saturday and it felt much safer. If there's running in the workout, your coach will be able to describe our new, safer route in much more detail.

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