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May Newsletter v3

Hey Crew,

I hope to transition to monthly newsletters in the Summer so as to not be putting so much information on you all at one time. Today's newsletter will be full of pertinent information as we move forward though, so I appreciate you taking the time to familiarize yourself.

Covid Transitions: We've always prided ourselves on a health first mentality. I want to commend and thank you for all your diligence in keeping each other safe through the COVID pandemic. This week, the CDC has made their recommendation that all fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask under any conditions, and Kansas City has followed suit and dropped all mask mandates within the city. As of this point, our membership sits somewhere around 80% fully vaccinated, well above the national and local averages. With this new information, our mask policy will be as such: Do what feels comfortable to you. We will NOT require masks or temperature checks any longer. We WILL still be using our socially distanced boxes for the next couple weeks for those last few members to get fully vaccinated. We WILL still ask you to be smart and stay home if you feel sick or have a fever. We WILL ask that you use hand sanitizer or wash your hands as your enter the facility. We WILL respect your right to choose to wear a mask in whatever capacity you deem appropriate.

Full Classes: Since we will remain capped at 9 for the time being, please make sure you are RSVP'ing ahead of time. If you cannot make a class, it is imperative that you cancel your RSVP at least an hour before class to let anyone on the waitlist have time to adjust their schedule. I love that this is a problem, but let's respect each others time. If you've been waitlisted, you may reach out to the coach and see if that days WOD would have the ability to add an extra person and they can use their discretion. Stick with us for a few more weeks.

Uncapping Class and Full Gym Set-up: In 2 weeks, over Memorial Day weekend, we will be transitioning back to a normal gym set-up. We will move the rig and adjust our set-up to accommodate more people in class by getting rid of most boxes. We are planning on leaving 1-2 boxes in case a member would feel more comfortable still separated. This transition will happen immediately after the 9:30 AM Saturday WOD and any volunteers to help will be fed handsomely. I have a ton of plans for the space to better serve all of you, so there's a job for any level of skill.

Memorial Day Weekend:

Saturday 29th: Moving rig and re-organizing the space. All invited- starts at 10:30AM.

Sunday 30th: Join us at the gym from 4-6 PM to watch Lone Survivor, the true story of Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz and Matthew Axelson, who deploy on a mission of surveillance and to take out Taliban leader Ahmad Shah.

Monday 31st: We will be doing the infamous WOD "Murph" in honor of Michael Murphy. Many more details to come on why this may be the most important WOD we do all year. We will have many starting times and scaling options available, but all will be in the morning time.

Saturday WOD: This week, we will be running the WOD presented by HQ as part of their PairUP ThrowDOWN partner challenge. In no way will you need to sign-up through CrossFit unless you would like to. We encourage everyone to find a partner this week and join us on Saturday! Partners do NOT need to be the same gender. The workout will not be released until Thursday and they will have Rx and Scaled divisions. For more info, go here:

Summer Competition: Speaking of Partner Competitions, my good friends at TAH CrossFit in Smithville are holding a COED PARTNER comp on June 19th called Floater Fest. It is all outside as a third party location and has fun events like kayaking and paddle boarding, so this is a perfect time to regularly try and play new sports. Let me know if you're interested and want help finding a partner. More info and sign-ups are here:

Specialty Offerings:

1) Greg Hollenbeck will be joining us this Saturday May 22nd for 20 minute Physical Therapy Consults from 8 am to 10 am. Greg is a licensed Physical Therapist who works out of Laughlin Performance & Physical Therapy in Overland Park. Do you have a knick or a kink that's not worth traveling to a PT for a full hour long session? Greg will be doing quick but thorough assessments AT OUR FACILITY to help get you moving better. Good examples would be slight knee pain when squatting, a pinch in your shoulder when overhead, or mobility issues in an Overhead Squat, no pain required. He's simply the best at getting people healthy and back to working out efficiently. You will need to book through TRIIB and the cost will be $30 for each 20 minute assessment.

You can book here:

2) Yoga with Kelly on Friday mornings at 7:30, come WOD and stretch! This class is a $30 monthly membership add-on or a $15 drop-in fee, members and non-members welcome.

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