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Member Spotlight - Jamie A.

How long have you been a member of Fountain City? Since August 2019

What's your 30 second elevator pitch about yourself? (What do you do, tell us about your family/hobbies) I'm from Missouri and love the outdoors/doing anything active. I'm currently working for a campus ministry called Cru here in Kansas City and have grown to love this city. My hobbies include photography/videography, playing music (electric guitar), and working out!

What initially brought you into FCF? Josh and Ashley!

Tell us about you fitness/health background? (Did you play sports growing up? Try other gyms/work out at home?) I played football throughout high school along with a season of Cross Country and two seasons of track. During college I didn't workout much but I did start running once I graduated in 2015. Since then I have run several 5k's, 10k's, and a Half Marathon.

What are some changes you've noticed in yourself during your time here at FCF? (Physically, mentally, capabilities, daily life, etc.) I've noticed a mental shift once I started my time at FCF. I push harder in a workout than I would've at the beginning and I think that is mostly because mentally I'm willing to go further. Physically I have drastically improved in gymnastic movements, strength, and general flexibility! I feel more energy in my daily life and enjoy the fitness that FCF provides me along with the community!

What kinds of things can you do now, that you were not able to do when you first started CrossFit? (inside or outside of the gym) When I first started I couldn't really even do a pull-up. Now I'm stringing together sets of 5-8 butterfly pull-ups. I can now do HSPU, Snatch, Overhead Squat, and a very weak form of pistol squats. I've also noticed improvements in my running ability, I feel stronger when I'm out there running and hitting hills.

What motivates you to keep coming back for more week after week? I just love the community and the workouts! It's fun to push myself and see how far I can go.

In your opinion, what is the most valuable aspect of Fountain City Fitness? I think the most valuable aspect of FCF is the people there. Whether it is the coaches, members, or Travis himself everyone is there to support each other and encourage one another. It truly is a fitness community. One of the most recent things I've seen that confirmed this was seeing members go and help one another move to a new house. What a cool and transformative community to be a part of!

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone that is considering joining a CrossFit gym? I would encourage them to come and check it out! The coaches are great and everyone is super encouraging. Even if you feel like the workout will be too hard come anyways and scale it! I have never regretted doing a workout once I finished it.

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