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Spring Goal Setting

Setting seasonal goals is important for a variety of reasons.

Setting aside a shortened period of time to focus in and dial in on one aspect of our fitness means we're less likely to get derailed.

It also means that we're able to celebrate little wins, also known as the tiny progress that eventually adds up to tremendous amounts of growth. It's so much easier to ensure growth, improve upon our success, and continue to build, when we are doing monthly or quarterly check-ins and benchmarks.

Lastly, when we set goals for each season, we can make modify them accordingly to the seasons of our life outside of the gym. With it becoming spring, and a summer just around the corner, maybe our goals shift from hitting a new one max back squat in the warm gym when it's 8 degrees outside to learning how to swim, or accumulating 50 mi of trail running.

So let's take time this week for those 3 steps: Take 5 minutes to truly focus on what's important (feel free to ask a coach to help with this), make sure those goals can be broken down into smaller victories, and enjoy the idea of accomplishing them in Springtime and all that comes with it!

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