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Summer Programming - 2021

Hey Crew,

Wanted to touch base about what and WHY we'll be doing this upcoming Summer.

In our Athletic Development Pyramid we see the importance of building our foundational pieces:

While strength numbers are great way to track progress, we notice that the foundation of strength (weightlifting) is actually gymnastics. So what are gymnastics?

GYMNASTICS - Moving your body through time and space.

The physical benefits of gymnastics are perhaps the most obvious. Gymnasts practice flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance each class. These skills improve bone health and delay the development of high blood pressure. They are also to most conducive to fitness outside of the gym. The ability to move your body coincides with general movement. Do you need to scale a wall, get off the ground, jump a fence, or really impress your friends with a hand stand walk? Any time you move your body in any capacity without an external load, you are by definition doing gymnastics.

Our coaches are well versed through different scalings and progressions to meet you where you are, from push-ups off a box to handstand walks up a set of stairs, we'll be able to coach you through correct body positions and movements so that by the end of Summer, you'll be much more comfortable with moving your own body. You'll see physiological effects as well such as body awareness with increased balance and coordination.

Our Summer programming will be broken into 2 sets: the first 6 weeks will be focusing on push/pull mechanics for things like handstands, push-ups, pull-ups, toes-to-bar, and muscle ups while the second 6 weeks will focus more on CrossFit specific gymnastic skills like handstand walks, double unders, and box jumps.

But remember, CrossFit is built on variability, so if you're a barbell person, we still have plenty in store for you. Look to be challenged in a new and different way!.

We look forward to seeing you in the box!

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