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The Clang and Bang Vol. 5 Partner Comp - Re-cap

Let's start off by saying I enjoy competing. In my elder years I've really enjoyed learning to compete against myself rather than others and it's worth mentioning that my enjoyment level because of this has gone up exponentially. I also have exactly 0 plans to compete as an individual, I get so much more enjoyment out of doing team things, as will be explained in full here shortly. It's also why I rarely mention placings, because I realize placings are just a product of the people/teams around you. We could have finished 1st, or 17th... all without changing any of our scores. So my reflections almost universally are about me and my team alone. If anything, in this particular comp, the team that won the intermediate division (in which I competed), won every single workout by a large margin and most likely should have competed in the Rx division. So I decided to just marvel in their talent instead of getting all twisted up about it. They were quite good and fun to watch.

Basic Information:

-Any Gender pairing, M/M M/F F/F, partner competition held over 1 day in Topeka, KS at Lionheart Athletic Performance and Fitness.

-3 workouts + 1 Floater WOD. No Finals (thank God)

-Too many divisions, but the standard Rx, Intermediate, and Scaled were available

-Partnered with Keara in the Intermediate Division amongst 5 teams

-Keara's first CrossFit competition


WOD 1:

Keara and I are either great partners or terrible partners. This is because we're incredibly similar athletes when it comes to strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately in this case, both partners being weak in gymnastics and the entire workout being... gymnastics, made for a fun start to the day. We had the opportunity to strategize this workout but not test it. The reps were split however the team chose, and I "tested" this workout by myself one day doing half the reps and trying to rest the other half and didn't make it through the HSPU before getting time capped. Expectations were low. One of the things I know best from competing in the past though is that "Adrenaline is a hell of a drug". One of the programming flaws of the competition was that they didn't know what to do with mixed gender pairings. M/M had to do 24 cals, F/F had to do 18, but F/M ALSO had to do 24 cals. This was fine, it just meant to be competitive, I had to do all the Ski Erg. I'm pretty good at the ski erg, no big deal. That meant Keara would try and open and close each movement set in between so I could be ready to ski. One other thing to mention is that at 6'2 I am a tall CrossFit athlete and we had to share a pull-up bar. Keara had moments of adversity all throughout the day and the first one was needing to JUMP to an extra high bar just so her freakish partner wouldn't drag his feet when he was kipping. CrossFit = the unknown and unknowable. We came out hot and things went well. We split the 40 T2B with K12-T18-K10. I was pretty proud of my 18 UB T2B and still have more in the tank, but again, adrenaline is a hell of a drug. We split Pull-Ups and the Keara did all 30 lunges so I could go HAM on the Skier. Proud to say, we were actually 1st in our heat of 4 going in to the HSPU's. Then we remembered gymnastics are a weakness... I'm actually super happy with how this went. We chunked out the HSPU and C2B's were done in sets of 1-3, AND WE DIDN'T GET TIME CAPPED!!!! Competitions are great for pointing out flaws, my guess is you'll see both of us doing extra C2B work in the alcove the rest of 2021. Time: 11:52 Place: 4th


WOD 2:

Floater WOD:

WOD 3:


Final Recap:

As a gym owner and someone who also runs events, I hope I didn't come off too harsh about the mixed gender workouts. It truly was a well ran event, great competition as 2nd-4th place were separated by 1 point, the judges were phenomenal, the people were outwardly friendly. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone's first competition, but if you know what you're doing, they definitely have their stuff in order and ran a great Saturday.

Keara's wife Dana took AMAZING photo's all day. I'm not a photo taker, I try to be in the moment but I can say having a whole slew of amazing action shots at the end of the day was pretty darn hype, especially coming from our #1 cheering section, so shout out to Dana and her mom for braving Topeka to come watch us.

My mom told me I didn't work hard enough because I wasn't so sore I couldn't move on Sunday. Which I appreciated because it forced me to reflect and honestly answer that there wasn't a single place that Saturday where I could have given more effort. When I failed, it was due to fitness or strength, not effort. I'll take that.

Main Takeaways:

-Get a badass partner

-Do competitions

-Everyone's an athlete

Technically we did take 2nd, by 1 point. So that's pretty cool:

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