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The Open... is over.

Well crew, it is that time of year-the time of year when we realize the CrossFit Open is officially over.

All the scores have been validated; blisters on ripped hands have healed, and the brutality of 21.3 is fading far away in our memories (if only we could forget the skin tight Hulk shirts so easily ;-) ). So once you’ve spent your weekend re-purposing all your costumes for regular wear, what do you do? The Open is over-now what?

Change How You Train

During Open workouts our main focus is getting a score. As much as it is fun, the Open is a competition-either with our previous year’s rankings, our personal expectations, another person in the gym, or some random person you follow on Instagram. Our class workouts are not competitions. What this means is that a score isn’t the most important aspect of what we’re doing.

Now that the open is over, you can adapt the intent and goal of your training.

Perhaps you’re sick of the barbell. Come to Friday Yoga and become friends with the mat and your breathing. Maybe you avoid the air assault bike and now is a good time to always seek it out. Or, maybe during the Open you went singles with the gymnastic movements and now is a good time to always strive for the “touch-and-go” method of stringing reps together. Maybe we spend this next cycle doing only strict gymnastic movements. Maybe we always go “full send” on a workout or maybe we set specific pacing intentions. The options of approaching workouts are as variable as each individuals needs - endless.

One way to stay fit and interested after the open is to change, adapt or modify how you train.

Stay Connected to the Community

Part of the reason why we do CrossFit and the Open is because of the relationships. After the Open, stay connected to the awesome folks at FCF. Come to class, even if you aren’t planning on working out super intensely. Just be around people. Check the FCF members’ page on Facebook to keep in touch with people’s bright spots and to post your own.

Part of staying fit and interested is staying connected to people who are also pursuing health and fitness.

Set a New Goal

A good way to keep momentum after the Open is to have another goal lined up. It could be doing a competition in the summer, or learning a new skill like double under’s, kipping pull-ups, or rope climbs.

Perhaps there was one movement that got you stuck during the open (such as wall walks, bar muscle ups, double under’s, toe’s to bar…I’m noticing a gymnastics theme…). This next cycle or period in the year would be great to address those and work past what got us stuck.

Intentionally focus on them during class, or book a personal training session to speed up the process.

Maybe the goal is attendance driven, such as committing to coming to class at least 3 times each week for the next six weeks, or nutrition focused (nutrition challenge anyone?).

Part of world-class fitness is learning and playing new sports and developing new skills. Maybe we set a goal to hike the Colorado mountains this summer, or head to rockc and rock-climb, or play some pick-up basketball.

Connect those last two and let the community see your goal on ours goals board!

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