FCF 60

FCF 60 → Classic CrossFit in its truest sense. Workouts will follow our main tenets of Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, performed at a relatively high intensity. Classes will include all of your favorite barbell movements as well as gymnastics skills and daily metabolic conditioning so you can be your fittest outside of the gym as well.



FCF Endurance → A class devoted to “the engine”, designed specifically for the cardio fiend. Don't worry, you won't be put on a rower for 40 minutes and left alone. This class will be designed for 1 30-40 minute workout with building your aerobic capacity in mind.



FCF HIIT → High Intensity Interval Training, we'll be working specifically on getting your heart rate up before giving you enough time to recover just to do it all over again. No designated strength portion in this class, just a good classic sweat session