What is the best plan to start working out at the gym again?

What is the best plan to start working out at the gym again? To lose weight?
Jeff Milton
January 31, 2023
What is the best plan to start working out at the gym again?

What is the best plan to start working out at the gym again? To lose fat and not bulk up?

The best plan to begin working out at the gym again, (especially with the goal of losing weight) is to surround yourself with people who will support you, be consistent with a pre-planned time of working out, and having someone else take care of the “what workout should I do” aspect.

At FCF you can do personal training, or group fitness classes. Both of these pathways will lead you towards your health and fitness goals.


Being around individuals of varying ages and degrees of fitness levels is pretty great, especially for encouraging us to press towards our own health and fitness goals. It is a lot easier to make it to the gym when we have friends we are excited to see. It’s more fun to do the workout when other people are doing it with you. When you each have a common-yet-specific goal, it makes it easier to reach and strive for.

Within that community comes a coach and others with vast experience, who can nurture, guide and direct you as you’re progressing, help with you set-backs, give advice and keep you true to your goals.


The hardest part of getting fit is simply putting in the work. It often isn’t glamorous or sexy. It requires some work and effort and exertion. New habits, narratives and time-uses will be formed and old ones will need to be transformed or done away with. But, we are what we consistently do. So, the more often we show up, the better it’ll be. Choosing a set time to do your workout and putting in the calendar is huge. Committing to the Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 pm and the Saturday morning 9am class and fulfilling that commitment will reap big rewards.

Decision Fatigue

You make a thousand decisions each day. Your co-workers, family members, and community all depend on you and your mental/emotional energy. You are constantly handling a wide variety of different responsibilities that occupy you. When it comes to working out at FCF, we simply want you to make one choice: when to show up. We’ll take it from there.

When you come to class we have a workout written for you that is adaptable to your specific fitness experience and goals. We have coaches there to ensure your safety, teach proper technique and offer corrections. As you re-enter the fitness realm, begin by engaging in simple cardiovascular exercises like rowing, biking, and swimming. The goal is simply to get the heart  rate up and get us breathing heavier. From there we can incorporate muscle building exercises like the squats, deadlifts, and presses.

We’re aiming for short and doable training sessions. No need for hours in the gym every single day. One CrossFit class at FCF, three times a week is a fantastic place to start.

Surround yourself with people who will support you.

Commit to consistency.

Let FCF take care of the nitty-gritty of the “what should I do?”

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