Why You Get Hangry (And How To Stop)

Bridget Fuller
August 28, 2023
Why You Get Hangry (And How To Stop)

Ever found yourself snapping at someone only to realize that, actually, you're just really hungry? You're not alone; it's a universal feeling we fondly call being "hangry" - a blend of hungry and angry. But why does this happen, and more importantly, how can you stop it?

Imagine your body is like a roller coaster. This roller coaster goes up and down depending on how much sugar is in your blood. When you eat cookies or candy, whee! The roller coaster goes up, up, up! You feel amazing! But what goes up must come down. When the roller coaster drops, you feel low and cranky. That's your body saying, "Hey, I need more fuel!"

How to Regulate Your Blood Sugar

To keep your roller coaster running smoothly, instead of scary ups and downs, consider these actionable tips:

Now, you might be thinking, "Who cares if my roller coaster goes up and down a little?" Well, if you let it happen too often for too long, your body might not be able to bring the roller coaster back to a normal level. This could lead to type II diabetes, which means you'd have to take medicine and prick your finger to check your blood sugar every day. No fun, right?

Take Control of Your Health Today

So, if you're tired of the emotional roller coaster that comes with fluctuating blood sugar levels, take action today. You're not just preventing hanger; you're also taking steps to ensure long-term health.

Ready to make a lasting change? Book a free Nutrition No-Sweat Intro at Fountain City Fitness by clicking this link: No-Sweat Intro at Fountain City Fitness We're here to help you build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle—one where "hangry" becomes a word of the past.

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