Travis Vanderberg

Travis Vanderberg

Head Coach & Owner


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

USATF Level 1

Aerobic Capacity Certification

About Coach

I grew up playing all sports, but as a competitive person I found I was best at doing the things most athletes didn't want to do... so I became a 400m sprinter. I competed throughout college and beyond. With a lack of 400m "fun runs", I transitioned to ultramarathons and CrossFit to feed my need for a community trying to better themselves. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering I realized the best hours of my day were the 2 I spent coaching track at the local high school after work each day. That sparked a 12-year journey to find a way to work with athletes all day every day. Although I have a specialty working with elite athletes, including many track and field state champions, I honestly get more satisfaction out of the 45-year-old telling me they're off cholesterol medication.

Turning Point

I was blessed with the best parents. In the standard American Dream, they both came from backgrounds that didn't birth them into success, instead working their tails off and making lots of sacrifices to make sure I could do anything. I learned a lot about money management, loving relationships, and doing the things that need to be done without complaint. At the end of my Father's too-short life, he noticed that he had worked 40+ hours a week for someone else and never bought the Camaro he could have afforded by the end. In those last years, new wisdom was shared such as "you can't take it with you". At that point I quit my corporate job to find a more meaningful life, working 70+ hours a week... for myself, in order to help people like my dad. My ideal client is not 22, they are the older parents trying to make it another 5 years with their kids or grandkids, so more wisdom can be passed down.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation is to serve 5000 people in the Brookside/Waldo and surrounding areas. I can't do that alone, so my passion is building up a team that can serve ANY demographic. I've found over the years I connect best with the high school -> young adult age group. I've successfully coached MANY elite high school athletes to their performance goals, but more than physically, I believe they all leave our relationship ready for what comes next in life.

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