Is CrossFit Expensive?

Travis Vanderberg
September 7, 2023
Is CrossFit Expensive?

We meet with all of our members before they join our gym to get a feel for what they're REALLY looking for. It ranges from weight loss, to wanting to feel stronger, to needing a community outlook after working from home all day. In any case, each individual is treated like just that... an individual. At the end of this conversation, our goal is always to HELP FIRST. However we do live in a society where money matters. You can't expect the best of anything to do their job for free, and I assure you our coaches are the best. And there's the buy-in aspect of it as well, you'll put your effort where your money goes. Which brings me to our main topic:

Is CrossFit Expensive?

No! In fact, CrossFit is FREE! You can go to right now and get their free daily programming. It's a wonderful resource for all things CrossFit related including scaling options. You can find movement demos and breakdowns of everything you'd need to do. There are a lot of other avenues for lower priced options that are great as well. I'm a personal fan of CrossFit Linchpin ran by Pat Sherwood who also posts his daily workouts absolutely free of charge and for a measly $18/mo you can access his full arsenal of warm-ups, scaling options, AND access to the app to see what everyone else in his community is doing.

So the short answer is "No, CrossFit is highly accessible for any demographic".

So What Am I Paying For?

Ah! So if CrossFit is free, why should you join a gym... which brings us to what Fountain City Fitness is all about. At FCF, we sell coaching, not access. We've never been a CrossFit gym. We're a coaching business who uses CrossFit methodology to meet the needs of our clients. Let's go back to that initial meeting, the one where you told us you want to lose weight. We can do that through high intensity functional movements. You want to feel stronger, we can do that through high intensity functional movements. You want to grow old while feeling young, we can do that... through high intensity functional movements.

The coaches at FCF are hyper focused on you and your needs. We can take any CrossFit workout and adapt it 8 different ways for 8 different people. You're paying to have someone guide you, hold you accountable, and to have eyes on every single deadlift you do making sure you come out the other side stronger, not injured. You're paying for a squeaky clean professional environment that will provide you with all the equipment you'll need so the barrier to you and your goals is merely walking through the door. You're paying for lifetimes worth of coaching experience and knowledge that has encountered the same issues you're facing right now many times over so you're not starting from ground zero.

Ready to try CrossFit? Great, it's free and there's nothing stopping you! Go for a 30 minute walk RIGHT NOW.

Ready to hit the shortcut button and finally achieve the health you deserve? Give us a call...

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