Too old to get fit?

Tips on how to get fit at any age. Setting up consistent schedule, getting a coach or guidance, and doing what you like.
Jeff Milton
January 17, 2023
Too old to get fit?

I am 29 and I’ve never worked out. Will I be able to get a good physique and muscle mass even if I start at this age?

The simplest answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY. 

The human body is remarkable, and regardless of age or previous fitness experience, any amount of working out will be benefitial.

If you are just starting out, here are three recommendations:

  1. Start Small and Simple

Begin by engaging in simple cardiovascular exercises like rowing, biking, and swimming. The goal is simply to get the heart  rate up and get us breathing heavier. From there we can incorporate muscle building exercises like the squats, deadlifts, and presses. 

We’re aiming for short and doable training sessions. No need for hours in the gym every single day. One CrossFit class at FCF, three times a week is a fantastic place to start. 

  1. Schedule It

What gets scheduled gets done. Just like you schedule meetings with your boss, date-nights with your sweetie, or hold space for your kids’ events, put your workout sessions in your calendar. Choose specific times and days and hold it sacred. Make a decision that makes a thousand other ones. If you commit to going to the noon class, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and show up consistently you’ll fare a lot better than trying to decide each day when and where you’re going to engage in fitness. 

  1. Do what you enjoy

Fitness is meant to be fun. It is a celebration of what our bodies can do, not a punishment. If weightlifting or rowing isn’t for you, do the thing that you find fun. It can be a light jog. It can be Jazzercise, yoga, RomWod, ballet, Ti-Chi, Karate, salsa-dancing or whatever brings you joy. The goal is to get movement in, putting your body in a range of motion and get your heart-rate elevated.

If you're 29, or years and years older, and are interested in improving the quality of your life through nutrition and fitness, schedule your free consultation with one of our coaches, HERE. 

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