Bridget Fuller

Bridget Fuller

Coach & Personal Trainer

Squat Clean: 125lbs

Squat: 200lbs

Bench: 105lbs

Strict Pulls ups: 10+ consecutively


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

BLS Certified


About Coach

I grew up a gymnast, dancer, and cheerleader. Thankfully I never had to take part in any competitions within those sports, which made my love for being active grow with ease. My mom was an extremely active person, and took me with her to the gym, for hikes & to different fitness classes. Her encouragement got me into weightlifting. In college, I decided to challenge myself beyond traditional weight lifting and started doing CrossFit. I loved it so much that I worked at a CrossFit gym selling memberships and working out with people who wanted to better themselves. Following a serious injury I had to take a step back from CrossFit and go back into traditional weightlifting which brought me where I am today. My husband and I built a home gym, following different workout plans we create, and tracking our progress. We decided to both get certified as personal trainers and nutritionists so we could take our knowledge outside of our homes. There is no better career than helping people reach their goals, and I think the best way to do that is to be a coach. I want people to love fitness the way I have loved it since day one. Instead of seeing it as a challenge, I want it to be seen as a passion.

Turning Point

Thanksgiving weekend before my 21st birthday, my dad died. To make a long story short, it was just me and him left living in PA, which led to me being his personal caretaker through his illness. Because of that, I worked 4 jobs to support us while being a full-time college student. Life was no easy feat. But the best part of my day? CrossFit. My gym felt like home. I was able to be with friends, work out, and spend an hour of my day not worrying about anything other than getting through a metcon. We all have stressors, tragedies, and things in our life that make them seem out of control. The outlook I love to take is that as long as you have one thing in life that you love and can control, then it’s manageable. For me that is fitness. In CrossFit, I get to control my pace, reps, weight, and scale according to what my goal is for that day. In weightlifting, I can decide if I want to try for a 1 rep max or do bodyweight exercises. I think the best way to help with grief, stress, and life, in general, is to work out. Give yourself an hour a day where you don’t have to worry about anything but bettering yourself. Being a coach allows me to be there for everyone for that hour. I get to check in on everyone, help with their fitness goals, and be a friendly face that they can turn into. I get to be the person I needed during my grief.

Motivation & Passion

I wake up every day thankful that I can move my body. I think that everyone should keep active in their daily lives regardless of what that looks like, and I love being the one to help support that. From personal experience, I know how to adapt workouts based on different injuries or abilities. I know that fueling your body properly is a huge piece of fitness. I love working as a team to figure out how to crush goals while still living my life. I love being the person to encourage you through the hard workouts and celebrate little victories. Regardless of where you are now and where you want to be, I love being the person to help bridge that gap. If you are looking for someone that will help you reach your goals, while also being a friend to hold you accountable, I’m your girl.

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