Can I do CrossFit if I'm Overweight or Out of Shape?

CrossFit is for everyone. People with room to grow in their fitness, whether out of shape or needing to lose weight are perfect candidates.
Jeff Milton
January 24, 2023
Can I do CrossFit if I'm Overweight or Out of Shape?

Can I do CrossFit if I'm Overweight or Out of Shape?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is, “Can I do CrossFit if I’m overweight or out of shape?” The short answer is yes. And to be more blunt, the gym is more meant for “out of shape” people than for super-fit athletes. You go to the doctor when you have the flu, not when you’re feeling fine and dandy. Same is true with gyms. 

CrossFit is for everyone and can be done by anyone. 

CrossFit is not an all-or-nothing fitness program, and no minimum level of fitness or previous athletic experience is required. Each workout can be modified so the same program can improve the health of Olympians, grandparents and everyone in between. Your coach will help you adapt the class workout to adapt it to your skills, abilities and body. Everyone in the room however, is doing the same workout and getting the same stimulus of the workout, regardless of it being modified.

Every workout can be adjusted so every single person can do a version of the class workout. This is true whether the person is 10 or 100 years old. It’s true whether the person is radically fit or overweight. It’s true whether the person is healthy or sick. It’s true whether the person has no injuries or is dealing with significant injuries.

CrossFit coaches tailor training for individuals by modifying workouts. Coaches will begin by changing the weight lifted, or number of reps done, or adjusting the movement to ensure the health and safety of the athlete, while ensuring they’re getting a good workout. This is one of the biggest benefits of coming to a class at FCF-each one is coached with a well-trained, attentive coach. 

CrossFit is a safe atmosphere.

CrossFit gyms are welcoming places. Everyone, regardless of fitness capacity, is united by one simple goal-to increase the quality of life through working out and eating better. It is a place without judgment or shame. Quite frequently the person who finishes the workout last, or has the most to overcome is praised more, cheered for louder and supported more fiercely than the super elite athlete that is hailed as the epitome of health. 

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